A sporty and fun day focused on teamwork!

auray plast journee cohesion

A friendly exchange moment

The teams from the different workshops (production, finishing, and packaging) deserved a day off and headed to Quiberon. The program included good humor, laughter, games, and a magnificent finish on boats made by the teams themselves.

Through activities involving reflection, precision, and a slightly more athletic workshop, the employees of Auray Plast had to show creativity and cohesion to successfully complete their mission. It was a friendly day where everyone’s skills contributed to the success of all.

The Phoenix project

Within Auray Plast, we have a company project called Phenix (Progress through human development in expanding industries), which aims to guarantee our expertise and develop new sectors of activity, optimize industrial processes, and transmit skills by placing humans at the heart of the company.

Three major axes have been developed:

The first aspect focuses on our customers and prospects, to whom we want to guarantee a quick response and an excellent level of quality. We are oriented towards international markets and want to expand into new markets.

The second aspect focuses on the industrialization of our activity: we are organizing our data better to ensure the reliability of our processes. Looking towards the future and seeking technical advancements, we adapt to needs and dedicate a lot of energy to R&D.

The third aspect capitalizes on skills. We have created a “sort of internal school”… except here, we have neither a teacher nor a student. Indeed, we are convinced that everyone can learn from each other and that the more we share our ideas and experiences, the more we enrich ourselves.Auray Plast commits to young people with the 1 Young 1 Solution program.

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