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Auray Plast has real expertise in sealing

To characterize the level of sealing of a product, an international standard has been defined. IP stands for Ingress Protection, and this standard defines several levels ranging from 0 to 9. They correspond to levels of protection against solid, liquid, or gaseous elements.

Depending on your project, our engineers will help you to define the required level of sealing.

Specialist in sets & subsets of sealing systems

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What is the design process for a sealed product?

What is the design process for a sealed product?

First, our design office will accompany you to define the required level of sealing.

Does your product need to resist dust, certain hydrocarbons, water, or gas?

Based on your needs, we will design a specific type of sealing.

Auray Plast will provide you with a set of parts that, once assembled, will ensure the long-term durability of your product.

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What materials to use for your project?

The choice of materials, their shape, and their assemblies are very important for the effectiveness of sealing.

For the development of a watch, an O-ring seal will be sufficient, while a hydrogen tank will require a more complex set of plastic parts.

We mostly use TPU, a thermoplastic elastomer with high sealing properties.

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Which level of sealing for which project?

It is necessary to adapt the level of protection according to the product.

Some products must meet an IP 44 sealing standard, while others require an IP 68 standard. The possible solutions will not be the same.

We will propose the best solution among direct, semi-direct, indirect, or permanent sealing.

Different levels of sealing

Protection against intrusion of solid foreign bodies

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Protection against foreign bodies > 50 mm

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Protection against foreign bodies > 12,5 mm

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Protection against foreign bodies > 2,5 mm

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Protection against foreign bodies > 1 mm

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Protection against fine dust (talc…) or non-visible bodies.

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Protection against fine dust, even microscopic and non-visible.

Protection against intrusion of liquid foreign bodies
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Protection against vertical drops.

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Protection against oblique drops (maximum inclination 15°).

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Protection against rain (maximum inclination 60°)

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Protection against splashes from all directions.

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Protection against water projected by a 6.3 mm lance at 0.3 bar

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Protection against total immersion at 1 meter

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Submersible equipment.

What applications?

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In more everyday applications:

  • Electrical socket casings
  • Automotive components
  • Waterproof music speakers
  • Watches
  • Etc…
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In many applications:

  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Mining industry
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Etc…

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