Services offered by the design office

The design office offers its expertise to provide specific technical services. Several services are possible: mold and material testing under real conditions, custom design of grippers, production of prototypes using 3D printing and numerical simulations.

Injection mold

auray plast bureau etudes essais moules

We provide our expertise and fleet of machines to validate your molds in the finalization phase. These different tests allow for complete control and analysis under real conditions.

Verification and testing of materials for injection

auray plast bureau etudes test matières

We test different plastic materials intended for injection (pp, pa, abs, pom, pmma) to validate the characteristics of a part: dimensions, color, functions, metrology, and injectability.

Prototype design using 3D printing

auray plast bureau etudes prototypage impression 3D

The objective is to design prototypes using 3D printing technologies or the use of prototype molds made of aluminum or resin. This allows the functional validation of the part.

Small series production using 3D printing

auray plast bureau etudes petite serie impression 3D

The use of 3D printing technologies (FDM, SLA, and SLS) is a good compromise for producing small series without investing in a mold. A reliable and cost-effective alternative for launching a product or producing technical parts in small quantities.

of grippers

auray plast bureau etudes main prehension

We study and custom design grippers in line with your needs. With this system, it is possible to grasp parts in the mold and perform complex assembly and cutting operations.

Rheological simulation & injectability

auray plast bureau etudes simulation rhéologique

Rheological simulation allows for ensuring injectability and validating the filling of a part to confirm its design. Our design office supports you by carrying out rheological studies.


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