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Email:      Téléphone: 33 (0) 2 97 24 21 63      
Email:      Téléphone: 33 (0) 2 97 24 21 63      
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In 1974, Mr. Jacques DECHAVANE had the idea to replace Nitrile, usually used for

cylinder seals manufacturing, by Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU for an application for pit prop in coal mines (Poland). The Nitrile showed a too great weakness in its abrasive resistance generated by the coal dust of the surrounding air whereas the TPU showed that its exceptional abrasive resistance was not a legend. Thus was born the JADE brand. In 1981 the German specialist for cylinder seal MERKEL bought JADE and developed the activities of the Auray plant where the brand had been established. MERKEL-JADE was acquired in 1994 by the Austrian ECONOMOS who resold it to FREUDENBERG in 1998. In 2008 the Auray plant was sold to the current chairman but FREUDENBERG wished that the new entity created, AURAY PLAST, remains its privileged supplier for his TPU requirements. Since we let us accompany in his world growth and in particular in the United States where it displays a strong growth.



We use mainly various TPU to manufacture our seals. This is a TPE which displays remarkable properties of abrasive resistant but also of excellent mechanical properties enabling him to replace rubber Nitrile (NBR) as well as a very good chemical behavior.

TPU - The advantages

TPU is a material which is the object of many developments on behalf of the principal manufacturers and today we have the possibility of working on a large range of hardness (from 60°SH A to 60°Sh D), wide temperature (from -50°C up to + 150°C according to the compounds). All compounds TPU used by Auray Plast have an excellent resistance to hydrolysis and their properties can often be adapted to your specificities by the addition of additives. 

The TPU are colourable and may be recycled. They are economic to mould more especially as the cycle of production is shorter than elastomer’s one with which they are comparable mechanically. TPU prices remained stable these lasts years which is not the case for rubbers. 

They resist to oxygen, ozone, UV rays, fuels and oils, some solvents and gases. They do not appreciate strong base, neither strong acid. Do not hesitate to communicate your specification.

Auray Plast know how for injection moulding concerns all type of thermoplastics, filled or not, available currently, except for PVC. Few of them are recommended for dual injection process (ie : PA/TPU)

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