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We are delighted to welcome you to Auray Plast!

Located a few kilometers from the Gulf of Morbihan, we have been manufacturing technical parts in plastic for several decades. The company is made up of collaborators, capable of inventing, creating, producing, manufacturing, marketing and shipping these products all over the world. Our experience allows us to meet the requirements of our customers, while being attentive to new needs.
We belong to the world of Industry, which may for some, arouse apprehension or doubt, whereas it is above all a place of innovation, which offers many outlets. We are teeming with ideas, we exchange, we listen to those who have experience, we make proposals, we test, we make mistakes that we analyze, we start again, we produce, we learn and above all we progress!

In three points, we will try to open our daily lives to you and who knows maybe even make you want to join us!

Welcome to Auray Plast

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Auray Plast is located in Brittany in Morbihan.

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