TPU, a material, many possibilities

A material of excellence

TPU are thermoplastics elastomeric which combine elastic properties of elastomeric and mechanical properties of plastics. This material is very resistant to abrasion,  it can be combined with other materials, and it is recyclable.

We are known for our experience and our expertise of the product. We are transforming more than 100 tons of this material each year. Auray Plast designs and produces technical plastic parts meeting to very strict specifications regarding the respect of dimensions and geometry.


At Auray Plast, we transform TPU by injection. It means that we melt pellets which are die-cast in steel moulds. It can ensure us to make practically any parts in our factory. We have 25 injection moulding machines from 30 tons to 350 tons. All of them are recent, and a majority are electric for more precision and cleanliness.

We are answering with our engineer office to all your demands requiring specialists of these materials. 

auray plast electric injection press fanuc

Properties of TPU

auray plast tpu property tear resistance

Tear resistance

auray plast tpu property chemical resistance

Chemical resistance

auray plast tpu property stress


auray plast tpu propiétés resistance abrasion

Abrasion resistance

auray plast tpu property oil resistance

Oils resistance

auray plast tpu property temperature resistance

Temperature resistance

auray plast tpu property compression set

Compression set

auray plast tpu property stream resistance

Steam resistance

auray plast tpu property to external agressions

Resistance to external agression


For which applications?

IWhere can we find TPU ?

We can find TPU in many daily products.

A few auto parts, exterior or interior.

Sports articles, like shoes, ski boots, scuba diving masks, or swim fins.

In hydraulic cylinders, which a large portion of seals are made in TPU.

Where can I find the TPU?

In the medical field, they are used for infusion or draining systems, in equipment like prosthetic legs or medical bed wheels.

The cell phone protective covers may also be in TPU.

There are also TPU in electric or electronic connectors.

At last, we are using TPU in many sealing systems

Advantages of TPU

Relative to rubber, TPU have several advantages :

  • A best resistance to abrasion,
  • Best resistance to scratches,
  • An easy coloration,
  • Recyclability,
  • Greater diversity of parts shape,
  • Transparence.
NameNatural rubberSBREPDMNéopreneNitrile NBR TPU
Hardness Sh A30-10040-10030-9040-9530-9055-100
Compression set666568
Heat resistance459566
Abrasion 10788710
Chemical resistance 111578

Our design office will accompany you throughout the design of your product

Our engineers will establish :

The marketing brief,
The technical specifications,
The prototype phase, 3D printing or injection
The realization of industrial molds,
The product development,
Initial samples,
Quality control throughout the life of your product.

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