The Phenix project

This business project, Phenix, was created from the willingness of the team, while always looking for improvement, to have a common project. By mobilizing all the volunteers to help support the development of Auray Plast.

Three major routes have been developed:

The first part concerns our customers and prospects, to whom we want to guarantee a rapid response and an excellent level of quality. We are internationally oriented and wish to open up to new markets. We are currently working to develop this stage, with a group project and support from an external consultant.

Auray Plast - a business project for the future

The second part focuses on the industrialization of our activity. We are in the process of better organizing our data, in order to make our processes more reliable. Looking to the future, we are researching technical developments, adapting to needs and devoting a lot of energy to R&D. Our team is always on standby, seeking solutions to problems encountered on products or machines.

The third route capitalizes on skills. We have created a kind of “internal school”… except that here, we have neither teachers nor pupils. In fact, we are convinced that everyone can learn from each other and that the more we share our ideas and our experiences, the more we will enrich ourselves. It is clear that even our trainees surprise us, patiently explaining the use of a new app, or a strange new vocabulary! The philosophy of this exchange is intended to be win-win.

We have not forgotten about behavioral skills that are just as important. These allow everyone to activate several factors (theoretical, technical, behavioral), in order to achieve results.

This Phenix project, guided by constant attention to safety, quality, the environment and energy savings, allows us to mobilize the team towards a common goal: To join in a process of progress and sharing skills, to respond to new markets and allow our expansion.