Efficient resources and tools

Modern injection presses

Modern injection presses
On the factory floor Auray Plast has 24 injection presses, ranging from 30 tons to 350 tons. Our latest acquisitions are 100% electric, allowing perfect control of production parameters for the fabrication of your most precise parts (for medical applications for example). Our machines are regularly renewed.

90% of our presses are equipped with gripping robots.

Auray Plast - injection molding machines
Auray Plast - engineering and design department

A design office, a team at your service

  • 2 plastics engineers (diplomas from ISPA – Alençon),
  • 1 industrial designer
  • 1 apprentice plastics engineer (3-year work-study program with ISPA).

We are at your disposal to guide you in your projects. Having a perfect command of CAD software (Solidworks®), we can support you in optimizing the 3D plans of your parts by performing an injection simulation?  We offer our expertise and our know-how in collaboration with your services and the mold maker who will be in charge of producing the equipment to fabricate initial samples as quickly as possible.

Auray Plast - pieces quality control

Efficient resources

Product quality is an essential part of our DNA. We have implemented control and measurement processes to ensure flawless quality.

We are equipped with the latest generation of control machines including a three-dimensional measuring machine, the 3D SmartScope CNC 300.

Auray Plast - staff

Committed employees

Auray Plast teams work in 3 × 8 shifts for production and in 2 × 8 shifts in logistics. Employees benefit from an internal training program linked with the Phenix business plan. They are versatile in their skills, whether that is in production (injection and finishing) or packaging.