Our areas of expertise

For more than 40 years, Auray Plast has been designing and manufacturing technical plastic parts (mainly seals for hydraulic cylinders) meeting very strict technical specifications, dimensions (extremely fine tolerances) and geometry (perfect concentricity in particular). We provide you with these skills, our experience and expertise to design of your future parts.

Construction and agricultural machinery

Most of the range of seals manufactured at Auray Plast are used in the hydraulic controls of construction machinery and also for agricultural machinery.


We manufacture seals for gaseous oxygen delivery applications. These seals must be calibrated in order to guarantee a high level of performance.


We also manufacture anti-tilt chassis-bar interfaces for heavy-goods vehicles. The quality and the regularity of the dimensions of these parts allows a substantial productivity gain for customers who chose to generalize this throughout their range

And many other bespoke applications

We develop your bespoke parts, from technical specifications to production for various applications.