Workstation Ergonomics: Our intern Lucas presents his missions

Lucas Bulion joined Auray Plast on January 11th to complete his end-of-year internship. Through a few questions, he explains his career and his missions. With his tutor Julien Gandon, they are going to work on the ergonomics of workstations, an essential step to improve conditions and well-being at work.

Hello Lucas and welcome to Auray Plast.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am Lucas Bulion, I am in the last year of the STAPS License in sports ergonomics and motor performance. I am doing an internship at Auray Plast two days a week from January to April.

What is the objective of your internship?

The objective of my internship is to initiate a structured approach for the prevention of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) but also to participate in the training of members of the CSE on the assessment of risk factors and the analysis of work situations. The goal is identifying and targeting priority actions.

Auray Plast ergonomics workstation

From left to right: the CSE team (Philippe Morgant, Alex Lignereux, Agnès Le Saulx and Yann Michel) Julien Gandon and Lucas Bulion

How will this work?

With my internship tutor Julien Gandon, progress coordinator within the company, we will first send an anonymous questionnaire to all employees to get an overview of the various issues.
The second step will be to observe and discuss with all the employees to find ergonomic solutions adapted to their different needs.

Why are workstation ergonomics important?

Ergonomics is the process of designing and adapting working conditions and requirements to the needs and abilities of the employees. Ergonomics contribute to safety and comfort.

Other missions?

Within Auray Plast, we do a “muscle warm-up” the idea is to warm up the muscles gently and as a team before starting work. My mission will be to optimize this warm-up time to make it more efficient with the creation of a dedicated booklet.

Thank you Lucas for this presentation and enjoy your internship with the Auray Plast team 😉