A sports and fun day under the sign of the collective!

After a dense first semester, the teams of the various workshops (production, finishing and conditioning) had well deserved a day off and put the course on Quiberon.on the program, good mood, laughter, games and a magnificent finish on boats realized by the teams themselves.

Through activities of reflection, precision and a workshop a little more sportive, the employees of Auray Plast had to show creativity and cohesion to carry out their mission. A convivial day, where the skills of each one contributed to the success of all.

Did you know it ?

Within Auray Plast, we have a company project named Phenix (Progress by the human of the new industries in expansion), having for objective to guarantee our expertise and to develop new sectors of activities, to optimize the industrial processes and to transmit the skills by putting the human in the heart of the company.

We are convinced that what makes a team rich is its diversity and its capacity to exchange, transmit and share. We regularly have needs in recruitment, either to face peaks of activities, or to reinforce our teams, in a perennial way. If you are interested in the Auray Plast adventure, do not hesitate to apply and consult our job offers!