Auray Plast, a dynamic company

For more than 40 years, we have been recognized for our know-how in a very specific niche market in the plastics industry. The company was bought in 2008 by Jean-Baptiste Crouan, keeping the company “in the family”. It has since been modernized to adapt to the current markets.

The set-up of the development program called “Industry of the Future” has made it possible to put innovation and research at the heart of Auray Plast’s DNA to ensure its sustainability and growth.

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People at the heart of the process

Phenix a company project

Phenix a collaborative project
“Alone we go faster, together we go further “.

We have set up a business project called Phoenix, (progression in new expanding industries) with the objective of deploying 3 strategic routes:Guaranteeing our expertise and

  • develop in new business sectors
  • Optimizing industrial processes
  • Transmitting skill

By putting people at the heart of the company, the environment, well-being at work, quality and safety become the essential components of the project.

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We are committed to a daily process of continuous improvement concerning

  • quality
  • the environment
  • safety at work
  • and energy consumption.

Minimizing our impact on the environment is a major issue for our company. Sorting, recycling and limiting discharges are an integral part of our processes.

Providing quality components and seals is essential as they are parts of security systems. Our approach to quality is validated by various ISO certifications.

The safety of our employees and partners is a priority, we are committed on a daily basis to implementing suitable risk management plans.

Reducing our energy consumption in order to preserve our resources is essential. At Auray Plast, we have implemented a charter and tangible actions.

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Our history

Throughout its history Auray Plast has continued to develop and modernize to ensure growth and remain at the forefront of the industry.

The company was created in 1974 by Jean Pépin de Fontaine de Bonnerive, under the name JADE. In order to meet very technical needs, the company started designing and manufacturing seals for cylinder for the mining industry.

The first pieces were intended for coal mines in Poland. They had to be strong and tight enough to withstand the harsh conditions and pressures of the cylinders being used. The company then developed seals in a new material: polyurethane. A thermoplastic whose exceptional ability to resist abrasion was perfectly suited to the environment. This allowed JADE to build a solid reputation for the quality of its products.

Production began in Auray.

In 1980, a fire completely destroyed the factory. However, it didn’t take long for the business to bounce back. Reconstruction was rapid and production restarted.

In 1981, the German group Merkel, specialists in hydraulic seals, bought the company in order to develop its activities.

Then in 1994, an Austrian, Economos, bought the company before selling it in 1998 to another German company: Freudenberg.

In 2008, Jean-Baptiste Crouan, a plastics engineer bought the company and a new adventure began …